Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tools of the Trade

One of our prime functions as property managers is to evict tenants who are "not paying their rent."

I think we all have trees that we planted with high hopes, only to find that they were more sizzle than steak.  Or perhaps they were not happy in that spot.  Or maybe we had other selections that gave us more return per square foot.

Every place on my acreage has "rent".  I have some soggy spots where the rent is low.  I am happy with aspen, willows, red maple and currents.  Other places are eroded eyebrows of exposed subsoil at the crest of an up-grade.  My expectations, and consequently the rent, is lower there than even 10 paces up or downhill.

Norm Higgins planted his chestnut trees in rows with ten feet between the trees.  When asked what happened if he had two real good ones next to each other, he replied, "I leave them but take out the trees to either side."  When asked about three dandy ones in a row, he replied, "You have two choices; and they both start with 'S'.  You can use a shovel or you can use a saw.  The saw is easier."

I was evicting some tenants today.  Some will get grafted over because they are growing well and are in a good spot.  Others were cut at ground level.

It is easier to keep track of tools when they are painted bright colors.  The 24 inch bow saw is twice as efficient as a 21 inch bow saw.

  • Use the smallest tool that will get the job done without strain.  
  • Stop before you are tired.  
  • Wear personal protective equipment....glasses, hearing protection (What dear?), gloves.  
  • Be vigilant  of trip hazards...use those nippers to clear your work area before you grab either saw.  
  • Consider that a dropping limb or tree trunk can be the equivalent of a refrigerator being dropped from a second story balcony.  
  • Have two bailout plans.

Two hours in the woods and now it is time for a cup of caffeine and to do a little blogging.

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