Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Selling acorns and chestnuts on-line

Four pictures and a few comments:

Acorns 18 POUNDS Fresh Red Oak Acorns deer sqiirells chipmonks food & Craftwork

This ad would be more effective if "squirrels" and "chipmunks" were spelled in the conventional way.

The seller did a fantastic job including some pictures of  leaves and acorns with a scale.  Some sellers will include a coin to provide scale. 

On-line sellers are generally pretty weak identifying species, so including these two items is a good move, even if the leaf on the right looks atypical.

Another thing this seller did well was to include an address.  "Schulenburg, Texas" tells me far more than "USA"

I hope everybody's fall is going well.  A low of 10 Fahrenheit predicted for tonight.