Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Letter to the Editor

From one of the blog's readers:

Hey Joe,

I was wondering if you knew of any sources for sweet acorn scion wood. I would like to try my hand at topworking some oaks. Do you have favorite techniques? Timing? What about compatability? I am quite comfortable with hickories and walnut grafting. Could we have this conversation on the NAFEX website forum so others can benefit or join in?

I extend these questions to the readership at large.  Either answer through the "Comments" function or shoot me an email.   If you send me an email, let me know how/if you want to be identified as I want to respect your privacy.

Regarding the NAFEX website forum, my email is not recognized by the database.  I have a request in to the administrator to see if we can iron that out.  Then I can investigate bouncing questions to the forum.

Thank-you for your interest and questions.


1 comment:

  1. (From Travis Callahan)
    Hello Joe,
    I only commented that a friend lives on a large wooded plot, but up at the house yard he has two beautiful Chestnut trees and that he might want to contemplate planting more to spread them about his property. One of his hobby's is observing deer in his area. He notes that the deer really like his two chestnut trees which are magnificent.