Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quercus shumardii?

Hello all:

I did not get this job because I am a wizard at Oaks and Chestnuts.  Rather.  I got this job because I had a little extra time and volunteered.

I want to tap the collective expertise out there on the internet.

This specimen is outside the normal range of Q. shumardii.

Specimen collected from "red speck" in northwest Ingham County, Michigan.  Base map from HERE.
Specimen from bottomland hardwoods.  Fellow trees include Burr Oak, Beech, Red Maple and Cottonwood.  Specimen first gained attention due to its persistent acorns.

Lobations not as deep as classic Q. shumardii.  This is a big leaf for a mature tree.  Photo taken on 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper.
Tufts of fuzz in crotch between mid-rib and veins is not typical of Northern Red Oak.

Another shot but closer to the tip.
This tree has a boat load of acorns on it so it was pollinated by something.  I took photos of acorns but failed to have a memory card in the camera 8-(.

I need your help.  What do you guys think?  Q. shumardii?  Atypical Q. rubra?  Q. rubra with introgression of some Q. shumardii genes?