Friday, December 13, 2013

Squirrel Caches

Well, I limbered up my Google-fu to investigate squirrel caches.

Red Squirrels are the species most likely to fill "cavities" with nuts.

Proximity to the nest was listed as a variable.

"Salting" the cavity with a few nuts was suggested.

Here is a web page discussing a Squirrel Cache Condo.  The house this guy built is a beautify piece of craftsmanship.  It looks like a whole lot of work.  I am more of a plywood, PVC pipe and 5 gallon bucket kind of guy.

Other webpages indicated that a healthy population of Red Squirrels is closely correlated to mature, cone bearing trees.

So far, I have seen little info about ground squirrels cache activities.  I can attest that they do it.  I have some running shoes (New Balance, size 11), a partial roll of baling twine and a truck air cleaner that were filled up with corn by those little rascals.

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