Monday, February 17, 2014


Snow continues to clog things up.  I hoped to have a spiffy picture of many bags of acorns stratifying.  Unfortunately, my source for acorns has been virtually shut down by snow.  Many of their acorns are stored in outbuildings.  Snow drifted the buildings in.

They also have the issue receiving supplies of some of the species.  Q. texana/nuttallii drops its acorns late in the year.  Their most northern sources for Q. nuttalli acorns had not been out collecting before the rare, for them, snow storms covered up the ground.

So I don't have very many acorns stratifying....yet. Hope springs eternal. 

Q. robur bottom left, Q. phellos top left, Northern Pecan top right.

I have a great wife.  Acorns stratifying in the pantry.  Scionwood in the refrigerator.

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