Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rootstocks for Oak

There is a very wide range of tolerance for adverse soil conditions within the Oak genus.  For example, Q. palustris (Pin Oak) transplants well and is fairly resistant to compacted soil and high soil moisture (but vulnerable to high soil pH).  Q. palustris, however, has very small acorns at 400 seeds to the pound.  For the purpose of comparison, common Q. rubra (Northern Red Oak) can run 60 seeds per pound or about seven times larger.

Red Oak acorns on the right are over an inch in diameter.
Incidentally, the picture shown above is from a fabulous article HERE on Percolation Leaching of Red Oak Acorns.  It is well worth the time to pop over and read it. 

There are sites that cannot support Q. rubra that could happily support Q. palustris rootstocks.

I want to start building a table showing cross species compatibility between the various oak.

If you have any information that you want to share, please shoot it to me via email.


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