Monday, November 25, 2013

Lead Post for NAFEX Acorns and Chestnuts

This is the lead post for the NAFEX Acorns and Chestnuts Interest group blog.

For now, this will be a "big tent" site.  I will repost emails (with the author's permission) and will gladly include stories about other mast hazelnuts.


-Guidelines are mere suggestions.  Just do the best you can.
-Who? What? How? Where? When? Why?  Answer those questions and you will have a great article.
-Pictures make the story.  Good pictures include a standard size reference in them.  US coinage, dollar bills, ball point pens are all decent size references.
-Including a small piece of white paper (like a three-by-five index card) allows the editor (me) to color correct the photo.  Ideally, the piece of paper will be in a corner that I can crop out of the photo.


I need your help identifying sources.  I will get the ball rolling but am sure that I will miss many excellent sources.  Don't get mad.  Send me an email

Potential topics:

  • Problems you solved
  • Pest control
  • Harvest
  • Post harvest treatment
  • Markets/what do you use them for
  • Recipes
  • How long before your trees started bearing
  • Sources
  • Fertilizer
  • Mulch
  • Tools, for planting, for pruning, for harvest 
  • Where are you growing your trees
  • Specific trees/strains for "tough" growing conditions
  • What would you tell your son/daughter if they were starting out

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